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Photo 1.copyright ©  Vestas Deutschland GmbH (www.vestas.de) | "Offshore Wind Farm off the coast of Horns" (Denmark)
Photo 2.copyright ©  Christian Senger | "Power Generation darkens the Sun" (Philipsburg, Germany)
Photo 3.copyright ©  Christian Lagerek (Lagerek AD photo) | "Two engineers working inside Oil & Gas Refinery"
Photo 4.copyright ©  Maksim Chupashkin ´Gloryfin´ | "Offshore Rig"
Photo 5.copyright ©  Eliandric | "Three engineers in a Geothermal Power Station" (Tuscany, Italy)
Photo 6.copyright ©  Michael Utech | "Power Station Construction Site at Night" (one of the largest in Europe)

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